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making completion of  your patients absence from work forms easier,  one click at a time     

Medical and Mental Health Providers have all seen the dreaded FMLA and Attending Physician's Statements.

Attending Physician's Statement are the forms that are used when a patient has an extended absence from work, and the patient is applying for benefits of Short Term Disability or Long Term Disability through their employer.  Each employer writes their own Attending Physician's Statments, so they are all different, confusing, ask redundant questions, require handwritten answers, and are time consuming.

At EDDIS-ABEX, we understand the frustration that all providers in the medical and mental health industry have experienced when completing FMLA & absence from work forms.

We have heard the common complaints and questions:

  • What do they want on their form?
  • Why can’t there be an easier way to fill out these forms?
  • Why isn’t there a universal form?
  • You may be a Psychologist, or a Chiropractor, or a Dentist, or a Physical Therapist, etc., and you received an Attending Physicians Statement and ask: Why was this sent to me, I’m not a physician?

You have asked and we have answered.



Providers mistakenly think that they have to use the actual form that was provided to them to complete for their pateints extended absence from work/disability absence.

Nobody ever tells the provider that they do not have to use that confusing form and can actually use a universal FMLA form or a universal Attending Provider's Statement.       

The first and only electronic universal FMLA and extended absence from work documentation tool guide system that was designed specifically for all medical & mental health providers.

We changed the title from the Attending Physician's Statement of Disability to the Attending Provider's Statement of Disability, which is an all provider inclusive form, and is universal for both Short-Term Disability and Long-Term Disability. We also developed a Surgical Disability Statement, and an Obstetrical Delivery Disability Statement.

Because nobody goes off of work on FMLA or an extended absence from work for normal exam findings, we have developed electronic documentation forms that only focuses on the abnormal objective findings, which is what the disability examiner is looking for, and what causes your patient to not be able to work. Our forms only address the pertinent information that is actually needed for your patient's absence.


  • The patient requests the provider complete a FMLA or Attending Provider's Statement.
  • The provider generates the appropriate form in EDDIS-ABEX.
  • The provider completes the form.
  • The provider can save the form to their office computer.
  • The provider can use EDDIS-ABEX only as a tool guide when they are completing a form, or the provider can forward the completed EDDIS-ABEX form to the agency requesting the FMLA or Attending Provider's Statement.
  • EDDIS-ABEX does not have access to the patients protected information, which results in a cost savings feature for us that we pass on to the provider.

BENEFITS of EDDIS-ABEX tool guide & forms:

  • Easy to use, it literally only requires the click of a mouse or tap of your fingertip.
  • Very little typing.
  • No more guesswork, everything is laid out for you.
  • Select only what is relevant to the patient’s inability to work.
  • Is universal, sensible, and easy to complete.
  • No more confusion.
  • No more handwriting.
  • No more aggravation.
  • No more lengthy forms.
  • No more redundant questions.
  • No more irrelevant questions.
  • Form can be completed in a matter of minutes during the actual examination/office visit.
  • Time savings, which results in cost savings.

Completion of FMLA & Attending Provider's Statements does not have to be difficult.
EDDIS-ABEX is the solution!


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